Welcome to Zinc House Farm

We are a family farm with the goal of providing each guest with a wholesome, educational experience about Zinc House Farm: the place, products, processes and the people.

Need: Educate

We are mindful of the need to educate people about sustainable agriculture practices, and our family history, by curating an authentic Agritourism experience for guests. Our homegrown, down-to-earth spirit inspires us to share our knowledge about agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley and the impact it has locally, regionally and globally. 

Seed: Cultivate

We seed concepts to cultivate a creative environment to build brands, incubate ideas and provide a “makers’ space” for members of our community who wish to hone a craft but lack the resources and space necessary to scale their dreams.

Feed: Innovate

We feed innovation by providing fodder – “food for thought” – both tangible and intangible, to stimulate innovation in the California Agritourism space enhancing our relationships with food, wine, beer, spirits, art & community space. 

Our Mission

We exist to educate and promote healthy human connections to earth, agriculture, and community by creating memorable experiences in a friendly and respectful environment celebrating and honoring our roots.