Our Mission

Zinc House Farm exists to educate and promote the healthy human connection to the earth and agriculture. We founded Zinc House to enhance that connection and further develop understanding by creating a friendly and respectful environment honoring our heritage; the place and land that sustains life and allows us to celebrate our connection to food, community and the arts.

A young man holding a goose, smiling at a young girl as she reaches out to pat the bird. A metal fence, grass and blurred trees pictured in the background.

Sharing Sustainable Practices

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that fosters understanding of sustainable building and agricultural practices. We offer authentic experiences inspired by our homegrown, down-to-earth spirit, sharing knowledge of San Joaquin Valley agriculture and its local and global impact.

Inspiring Creativity & Collaboration

We are doers and innovators; we seed concepts that cultivate a creative space to build brands, create art, incubate ideas and provide a space for members of our community who wish to hone a craft but lack the resources and space necessary to scale their dreams.

Nourishing California Agritourism

Zinc House Farm feeds innovation in the California Agritourism space. We provide both tangible and intangible “food for thought” to enhance relationships with land, food, art, and community spaces.

A Model of Sustainability and Functionality

In 2024, we will unveil our state-of-the-art winery, designed with sustainability, functionality, and beauty in mind. This building will surpass environmental regulations with a high R-factor, reflecting our commitment to preserving our planet. A 10,000 square foot arbor will welcome guests, providing shade and a sense of connection to our farm’s roots.