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Zinc House Farm exists to educate and promote the healthy human connection to the earth and agriculture. We founded Zinc House to enhance that connection and further develop understanding by creating a friendly and respectful environment honoring our heritage; the place and land that sustains life and allows us to celebrate our connection to food, community and the arts.

Our Quest to Connect People and Agriculture

Our mission at Zinc House Farm is not just about farming. We strive to educate and foster a profound human connection to the earth and agriculture. Our commitment lies in enhancing this bond and nurturing understanding through a welcoming, respectful environment that honors our heritage—the land that sustains life and enables us to celebrate our ties to food, community, and the arts.

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From Family Roots to a Sustainable Future

The story of Zinc House Farm is deeply rooted in the rich soil of the San Joaquin Valley. Over the years, our farm has evolved, mirroring the changing agricultural landscape while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainable farming. From a humble family farm, we have grown into a dynamic, innovative space that cultivates creativity, nurtures ideas, and builds strong community ties.

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Our Fearless Founders

Meet the heart of Zinc House Farm: the Franzia siblings, co-founders united by a shared vision for a sustainable future. Spanning roles from winemaking and food product development to finance, operations, engineering, and agricultural management, these four innovators have deep roots in the local community. With more than a century-long family history in the region and over 100 years of combined experience in the Californian wine industry, they're transforming their shared dream into a tangible reality. Together, they're sowing seeds of education, connection, and unforgettable experiences at Zinc House Farm.

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A Model of Sustainability and Functionality

In 2023, we will unveil our state-of-the-art facility, designed with sustainability, functionality, and beauty in mind. This building will surpass environmental regulations with a high R-factor, reflecting our commitment to preserving our planet. A 10,000 square foot arbor will welcome guests, providing shade and a sense of connection to our farm's roots.

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