Our Mission

Zinc House Farm exists to educate and promote the healthy human connection to the earth and agriculture. We founded Zinc House to enhance that connection and further develop understanding by creating a friendly and respectful environment honoring our heritage; the place and land that sustains life and allows us to celebrate our connection to wine, food, community and the arts.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that enhances our guests’ understanding of sustainable building and agricultural practices by curating an authentic experience. Our homegrown, down-to-earth spirit inspires us to create experiences as opportunities to share our knowledge of agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley and the impact it has both locally and globally.

We are doers and innovators; we seed concepts that cultivate a creative space to build brands, create art, incubate ideas and provide a “makers’ space” for members of our community who wish to hone a craft but lack the resources and space necessary to scale their dreams.

We feed innovation by providing fodder – “food for thought” – both tangible and intangible, to stimulate innovation in the California Agritourism space enhancing our relationships with land, food, wine, beer, spirits, art & community space.

Spring 2023 we will celebrate the completion of our state-of-the-art thermal mass winery and tasting room. In keeping with our mission, the winery will be a model of sustainability, functionality and beauty. Our Winery’s thermal mass construction will far surpass any environmental regulations, it will be built with an R factor of 134 (an R factor is a measure of a material’s resistance to the passage of heat). A 10,000 square foot arbor will greet guests and act as a shaded gateway and an anchor to the Winery.